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Leaping over bullshit in a single bound

When I’m asked which is harder, being black or being gay, I’m always amused at how shocked people are when I tell them that it’s much harder being black than being gay ( the next QPOCs mileage may vary).

As much hell as I get—and trust me I do get hell—for being gay, I do have certain advantages. I can pass for straight, so as long as I don’t bring any attention to myself, I don’t have to worry about getting my skull cracked in. The other advantage I have, when I call out homophobia, people actually listen. Even the most hardcore conservative will acknowledge the existence of homophobia.

Yet let me call out racism and I have legions upon legions of whites, liberal and conservative, jumping at the chance to gaslight me and question my sanity/honesty/intelligence/emotional maturity.

Because in this society calling out racism is far more egregious than the actual racism.

Or as Malcolm X said, they don’t even acknowledge the knife is there.

The sad reality is that any LGBTQ equality that does happen will be in spite of the mainstream (read white) LGBTQ “community.” The unsung heroes and heroines will primarily be queer POCs and trans people as Stonewall illustrated. Because we don’t have cis and/or white privilege, we don’t have the option to fuck around.




1 character, 19 drawing styles challenge! This took a long time, but I’m pretty happy with it - I recommend looking at all these artists’ original work if you like any of them.

Love this! And I’m really flattered to see my style represented so nicely!

i absolutely LOOOVE THIS

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Around the late ’70s is when hip hop culture started in the New York area. The rest of the world took notice as black and latino New Yorkers opened their eyes to a new types of art, knowledge, dance and most importantly- music. Rap music. Music that uses a MC’s rhyming prose over a DJ/producer’s instrumental of samples and beats. So, who better to introduce you to then Junglepussy, Dai Burger, Princess Nokia and Cakes Da Killa? Our four MCs that are making waves in the rap scene with their gritty, sexy and clever lyrics bringing all eyes back to the New York area.

 The Bus: Our Four Radical Rappers from the Origin  

by ChizzThe Pulp Zine